Plenty to Do on the North Coast of KZN

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2018 has proved the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal to be a development hotspot. The region has been growing for some time, and this is reflected in the growing demand for property. However, it is not just the property prices that make this coastline such an exciting proposition. From Durban North to Blythedale, our province has so much to offer people searching for a break from the mundane. Tourists and locals alike enjoy a range of recreational activities along our celebrated coastline.

There are new attractions popping up with each passing day, and old favourites continue to make their presence felt. Stalwarts of this region range from restaurants and animal farms to casinos and golf courses. There are numerous, top quality restaurants focused in hubs such as Umhlanga and Ballito; but many are found off the beaten track, in a bountiful province with a delicious melting pot of cultures.

The attractions don’t end with the food. Flag Animal Farm is a family favourite, as is Crocodile Creek. Sibaya Casino is a prominent feature of the North Coast landscape, and has become a development hub in its own right. Golfing is a major pastime for many people, as evidenced by the numerous golf courses and country club estates in KwaZulu-Natal. South Africa has a history of producing brilliant golfers, and KZN has produced some beautiful courses. For a handy guide on popular North Coast courses, click here.

The North Coast is home to some of the most enjoyable swimming beaches found anywhere in the country. Popular beaches for bathers include Umhlanga Rocks Beach and Willard Beach in Ballito. Of course, it would be negligent not to mention Durban’s Golden Mile, but the focus here remains on the North Coast. This coast has beaches that cater to every type of ocean-lover; whether they are swimmers, surfers, sunbathers, fishermen, or something in between.

Blythedale Coastal Estate will eventually become a resident and tourism hub on the North Coast. This Estate has such a range of amenities and activities that people could technically live there in isolation for extended periods. Three kilometres of sandy beaches rise up to meet the unblemished coastal forest. Blythedale is brimming with untapped potential, and the images exist to prove this. For a better understanding of the layout of the estate and available sites, take a look at the interactive sales map.

Blythedale has played host to a variety of popular events over the past year, the most notable two being Super Naweek and Toyota Warrior 5. This has allowed for the planning of more future events at the Blythedale Event Bowl. From the 4th of November, the forthcoming Blythedale Coastal Adventure Market will take place every Sunday. Located in a beautiful setting with pristine ocean views, this unique coastal market has sensational activities for the whole family. The market is located 15 minutes North of Ballito, at Blythedale Coastal Estate: home to potential experiences that make for long-lasting memories for the entire family. Check out the event on Facebook, it promises to be an exciting experience of fantastic regularity.

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