Blythedale Forest

Luxury Natural Living

Imagine giving your children the opportunity to grow up as you did. Having an adventure, being active, exploring the wonders of the outdoors. There’s nothing wrong with a yearning for these old-world charms. Blythedale Forest is such a place. It is everything that the concrete jungle is not.

Allow yourself to escape to another era and build your dream home, at one with nature. Safe and secure, lush and plentiful; let the adventure find you as you explore our 320 hectare indigenous forest. Stretching over untamed hills and down to the ocean’s edge, Blythedale offers sectional title cluster homes, apartments and large erven plots.

Educate your kids at the Environmental Centre, teach them how to fish in our dams and lakes or ride their bikes on the countless paths. With a long-term goal of achieving nature reserve status, there will be no man-made structures within the forest and conservation of our existing flora and fauna is our primary concern.

With two strains of duiker, bushbuck, reedbuck, various mongoose breeds and over 200 species of indigenous birds all calling Blythedale home, you’ll be able to fall in love with nature and its wonders at the dawn of every new day.


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