Widescale Innovation at Blythedale Coastal Estate

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There has been a large push to keep Blythedale ahead of the curve in the push for residential lifestyle and innovation. One such way this trend continues is that this development is now the first in Africa to crowdfund affordable shares in a world-class development. For as little as R3000, South Africans and overseas investors can own shares in a physical property development company.

eLan Property Group has always strived to innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition. This has included now-popular sectional title models employed at the Riverside Hotel and John Ross House in Durban, and the President Hotel in Cape Town. eLan has prided itself on the diversity of their developments, with many smaller projects interspersed with larger residential developments such as Simbithi Eco-Estate and Blythedale Coastal Estate. These two models both focus on inclusivity and sustainability, with local communities and nature seeing the benefits, as well as homeowners and property investors. Simbithi has seen tremendous success, and momentum at Blythedale is picking up after the eagerly awaited return to progress in infrastructure development.

The North Coast of KZN is the best place to invest in property in KZN, and is even outperforming traditional property strongholds in Johannesburg and Cape Town. New development in coastal KZN is steadily moving north, with both private investors and government alike shifting their investment focus to areas north of Umhlanga.

Still rare, however, are large-scale luxury estates with direct beach access, such as at Blythedale Coastal Estate. This is the first time in history that a development of this immense potential has offered crowdfunding. This is just one of many ways that Blythedale Coastal Estate is promoting inclusive access. The Estate will be providing opportunities for local employment, and for small business owners on the North Coast, to prosper off the back of this catalytic development.

Residents will benefit from sustainable, eco-smart practices. Also benefitting is the environment, as especially sustainable practises will be employed in the creation and upkeep of the Estate, in terms of electricity and water generation – two of the major factors that will result in Blythedale Coastal Estate being 80% off grid, and Africa’s first eco-smart city. This reduces reliance on the national grid. The estate and resort development will have solar panels for every home, a water desalination plant, smart metering, 5G Wi-Fi, and a holistic estate app that links everything together. Found fifteen minutes north of Ballito, bordering Prince’s Grant, Blythedale’s natural beauty is unmatched on the KZN North Coast, with 6km of beach and estuary frontage found alongside a 320-hectare coastal forest. It truly is the perfect blend of future and nature, combining to create an ideal coastal lifestyle.

This offering has now been made public – investors can purchase one share in the Blythedale Coastal Estate Development Company for R1000, with a minimum of three shares needing to be purchased at a value of R3000. The aim is to raise R45 million from the sale of 15% of the company. These shares will be traded on ZAR X, and shareholders will be eligible for dividends. Benefits extend to a 5% discount on one future property purchase with 50 shares purchased (R50 000). This option, which is eligible from the date of investment onwards, was first made available to the eLan Investor Club, but has now been opened to the wider public. R50 000 equates to 5.6% of the purchase price of R890 000, which is the most affordable bracket of properties available at Blythedale, with some properties valued at R6 500 000. You can do the maths.

For more information, and to invest, follow this link: https://uprise.africa/view_pitch/blythedale.

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