Africa’s First Eco-Smart Estate

80% off the Grid!

Fit for the Nature Enthusiast

A crucial aspect of Blythedale’s status as an eco-friendly, smart estate will be the generation and storage of renewable energy, as well as friendlier alternatives to coal-based power plants. Non-finite water resources will be utilised, as will power and water saving methods for the household and Estate. The philosophy is to help secure the clean, safe future of the next generation. The methods used to achieve this are as follows:

36m2 of Solar panels per residence

Individual top up with battery storage

Gas reticulation

Solar-Powered desalination plant for drinking water

Rainwater and grey water for irrigation

Separation of recyclable materials

Household energy-saving methods

Estate Features



Blythedale Coastal Estate will provide viable technologies for residents that take advantage of reduced reliance on public utilities or services including Municipal water supply, energy supply via the National Grid and waste disposal to landfill.

The Estate will be 80% off grid and rely only on 20% external bulk connectivity.

Glovent Solutions

With Innovative Community Management as its core product, GLOPortal is a cloud-based application developed to enhance Management and Communication in various localised communities and estates, and will be implemented at Blythedale Coastal Estate. GLOPortal consists of a Community Management Module (CMM) and an Online Community Portal (OCP).

The CMM is a management and communication tool assisting management committees with the day to day management of, for example, residential estates. The OCP, amongst other benefits, provides an area on the internet for community members to interact with the management committee and one another.

Some of the broad solutions provided by GLOPortal include:

  • Electronic voting
  • Property listings
  • Home maintenance line
  • Utility management
  • Community management module
  • Community portal
  • Visitor management system
  • Mobile panic button

FTTH & 5G Wi-Fi

Some of the most important features that will make Blythedale a connected, eco-smart city, are fibre to the home (FTTH) and estate-wide 5G Wi-Fi. This lightning-fast internet connectivity will pair with Blythedale’s Holistic Estate App, which has been designed for mobile.

Fibre to the home (FTTH) and 5G Wi-Fi will both be provided, in order to negate redundancy, and not put “all eggs in one basket”. Both of these technologies provide significant advantages over existing, more widely used technologies.

Advantages of Fiber:

  • Reliability
  • Resistant to the elements
  • Immune to interference and impedance
  • Single line for all data services

Advantages of 5G:

  • More effective and efficient
  • Better interconnectivity between devices, machines and people
  • Increased bandwidth for all users
  • Faster speed

Data and Analysis Hub

One of the key tenets of a smart city or smart community, is a centralised data bank that stores and interprets data, to provide smart solutions for the improved operation of the city, and greater convenience for its community.

It helps the city better understand the needs of citizens, in order to provide improved, more targeted services.


  • Collected through IoT-connected devices and sensors
  • Intelligent traffic flow
  • Enhance public safety
  • Contribute to healthier environment (air and water quality)
  • Revealing consumption patterns
  • Energy-saving, smart home and streetlights
  • Optimised Waste Management
  • Remote monitoring, smart meters and billing

Security Solutions

Home Access

This solution utilises the latest technology to increase security at home and within the borders of Blythedale

Coastal Estate, and providing smart links between the two entities. This increases efficiency and connectivity, and reduces over-reliance on manual security systems.

General Security:

  • 24 km state-of-the-art electrified fence line
  • Security patrols (vehicles, horseback and foot patrols)
  • Six vehicular gatehouses (one commercial)
  • Seven pedestrian beach access gates

Innovational Security:

  • Cashless society
  • Keyless and frictionless access
  • Smart surveillance (GPS location enabled)
  • Home security systems (linked with app)
  • Visitor access (on app)
  • Emergency alert (on app)
  • Optimised waste management

Water Saving and Water Production

Water savings at household level:

  • Installation of low flow aerated taps
  • Installation of dual flush toilets
  • Installation of water efficient shower heads
  • Use of water efficient washing machine and dish washers
  • Provision of water saving tips and tricks via flyers and/or digital apps to ensure water saving behavior/good housekeeping
  • Installation of smart meters

Irrigation water savings and rainwater collection:

  • Adoption of drip irrigation system for homeowners, and Estate as a whole
  • Reticulation of treated effluent from wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) for irrigation of the golf course, and to the whole estate upon approval from the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS)
  • Discourage or prohibit use of grey water at a household level to ensure water availability for the golf course
  • Recommend rainwater harvesting to homeowners, only for non-potable water uses e.g. toilet systems, washing machines, etc.

Water production

  • Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination offers significant advantage over municipal water supply
  • SWRO desalination will, however, be subjected to detailed feasibility study

Energy Saving and Green Energy Production

Energy production:

  • Municipal power supply via ESKOM to be considered as a supplement to solar PV
  • Solar should be considered as a core part of the recommended energy mix
  • Every home to have 36m2 of solar panels (rented by Blythedale energy company) for communal usage, with energy sold back to the household
  • Gas power generation is the most likely solution in the short term

Energy savings at household/estate level:

  • Adoption of light emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) for streetlights, floodlights and area lights, and as options for homeowners
  • Installation of motion sensors and timers for smart lighting control
  • Lighting and lamp suppliers should only supply South African National Standard (SANS) compliant products
  • Gas, heat pumps and solar should be used as alternatives to traditional geysers for home and building owners
  • Installation of (SANS) compliant smart meters
  • Use of either pipeline or cylinder gas for cooking and heating, depending on feasibility

Natural gas for energy:

  • Recommendations include compressed natural gas (CNG) supply via pipeline and road, as well as
  • imported liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  • Solutions include the use of gas reticulation and solar power, combined with other base load
  • generation (gas power generation and/or grid power)
  • Consideration given to gas pipe reticulation to end-user

Integrated Waste Management

Wastewater treatment:

  • Centralised treatment of wastewater is the optimal solution, and will thus be implemented at Blythedale Coastal Estate
  • Nereda activated sludge plant of 5.5 Ml/d recommended
  • Appropriate phasing is required during conceptual design of the activated sludge plant
  • Ponding system can be adopted at initial stage of the development, pending construction of activated sludge plant

General waste management:

  • Promotion of waste minimization and circular economy
  • Separation at source: houses, business and institutions
  • Recovery of easily recyclable components
  • On-going education and awareness campaigns to achieve the goal
  • Increasing rate of waste diversion from landfilling by moving up the waste management hierarchy