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N2 North Coast Upgrades Finally Imminent

As many of you may well be aware, the N2 motorway between Ballito and Stanger/Blythedale was reduced to a single lane as construction commenced early in 2016. Unfortunately, the contractors at the time went bust and R15.5 million was wasted. The development has been stalled for years now, as motorists and residents have been frustrated with the inconvenience. There is good news, however: a new contractor, Naidu Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd has been appointed, and construction is set to restart in the first quarter of this year. Taking an estimated 10 months, the completed road will make Blythedale Coastal Estate much more accessible for people coming up from the south, and Ballito a more convenient destination for those going down from the north.

Tourism in and around Ballito Increasing

In Ballito, the steady improvement in infrastructure led to possibly their most successful period of tourism ever, over December and early January. Shopping centres in the general area were tracking foot count, with most reporting increases in visitors over this period than from previous years. The most detailed analytics have so far been reported by the Ballito Junction, with reports that they saw a massive 1.4 million people through their doors in December alone. On Christmas Eve (their busiest day recorded), just over 69 000 shoppers visited the mall. This bodes well for Ballito, and the North Coast as a whole, from the perspective of business-owners and property-owners in the area.

From a South African economic perspective, 2020 is set to begin on a slightly more positive note than 2019, with one of the major reasons being that it’s a US election year. Another reason is the possibility of a no-deal Brexit off the table, and a slight ease in Chinese-US trade war tensions. Various other reasons, according to Citadel, indicate that South Africa will see slight economic growth this year. However, the threat of a Moody’s rating downgrade to junk status is looming. Hopefully, the government’s sterner position on the handling of SOE’s such as SAA and Eskom see that our country avoids the potential downgrade in the next few months. There are other issues for the government to address that will see South Africa into eventual economic prosperity. Regardless of the country’s position, property prices on the North Coast are still performing relatively well compared to the rest of the country, and should continue to be a bastion of investment for South Africans.

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