Estate Agent Referrals

If you are a registered Estate Agent you have the ability to receive 2% commission for property sales within Blythedale Coastal Estate with R15,000 upfront on conclusion of sale agreement, payment of deposit and bond approval.

* Subject to minimum agreed total sales threshold being met

How to become an accredited BCE agent:

  1. Go to Estate Agent Registration
  2. Fill out the form to register, submit all required application information. Your application will be reviewed and your details added to the system upon successful application.
  3. Go to Register Your Interest
  4. Start submitting referrals by filling out the ‘Register Your Interest’ form on behalf of your client, making sure to include their ID number, as this is used to avoid double entries of clients from various agents. To conclude the submission under ‘Who Referred You?’ select ‘Agent’, then select your respective agency and finally select your profile
  5. Submit the referral and repeat process above for corresponding referral submissions