When exploring Blythedale Coastal Estate a feeling of peace and serenity is experienced. From the rolling hills of the Forest Estate, picturesque natural vegetation and indigenous coastal forest to the breath taking views of the Indian Ocean and the tranquility of the Mdlotane River, every step of your site visit is an adventure.

The adventure sets out at the development entrance where you will be chauffeur driven to a viewing site which overlooks the entire development. From this site you will be able to gain perspective of the sheer magnitude of this 1000-hectare piece of land and enjoy the vast beauty of the surrounding areas. A drive through to view the scaled development model at our onsite office, set on the fringe of the indigenous forest, will give you further understanding of the development with detailed layout of sites in the various nodes.

Using our interactive map, you will be able to locate your position and track your movement around Blythedale Coastal Estate to the metre. Using this savvy technology allows you to pinpoint the sites of interest and view their position accurately.

Most site visits take approximately an hour, however, one can lose track of time when exploring Blythedale as you take in the beauty of its surroundings.

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