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According to the men and women in front of the green screen, it’s supposed to be autumn. However, until very recently, every time someone set foot outside on the east coast, the heat and humidity smacked them in the face like a freshly-steamed facecloth. This is, of course, barring the recent cold front and devastating floods in KZN and the Eastern Cape. Unfortunately, many people lost their lives, and the thoughts and prayers of everyone at eLan are with the families over this tough time. Hopefully the people rebuild, and the weather regains a semblance of normality.

The storms may have represented a change for the colder. We always complain when the weather takes a turn, so it’s important to take advantage of the remaining warmth while we can. During these late summer, early autumn months, it’s easy to find an excuse to spend the day outdoors.

With the sun now shining again, KZN residents and inland tourists can be seen frequenting some of the beautiful beaches our province has to offer. Blythedale Coastal Estate has 3km of direct beachfront access, with certain sections ideal for bathing. The 70km of trails explore over 320 hectares of indigenous coastal forest, with many of them leading to the beach. This forest belongs to a diverse group of local wildlife species.

Whilst an astonishing variety of animals can be spotted on the trails each month, this month we’ve decided to focus on the Estate’s resident vervet monkeys, in the wake of the horrific poisoning observed by many in Umdloti recently, where 13 monkeys were killed, along with one family’s dog. 22 vervets in total were poisoned by an illegal substance known as Termik. Fortunately, some of the troop have been rehabilitated and released back into their natural habitat.

Blythedale provides extensive natural habitat for animals of all shapes and sizes, and several troops of vervet monkeys call this place home. As humans expand into their territory, it’s important to remember that the monkeys were around long before houses were built in forest-adjacent areas. We all need to learn how to cohabit with these creatures. They won’t bother you if you just close a few windows.

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