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The New Guelderland Combined School, found on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast, has a long and rich history. As suggested in the name, the school was formed as a combination of three pre-existing schools: the Harry Bodasing Primary School, the Lubisana Primary School, and the New Guelderland Secondary School. These schools were established, maintained and combined through the hard work of the local community. However, funding is limited and they have had to rely on outside support to try and optimise education for their pupils.

The eLan Property Group has recently partnered with the school as part of an eLan Foundation initiative.  We are working together to improve integrated learning for all of the students at New Guelderland. This initiative began with two successful instalments of Simbithi Sings, where over R70 000 was raised. You’ll be glad to know we haven’t stopped there.

Ish Bugwandass, eLan’s Senior Graphic Designer, was kind enough to help kick things off by donating soccer kits to the school’s team. Since receiving the kits, the players, led by coach Mr Njojo, went on to win their regional Coca-Cola tournament. They then represented Ilembe District at the COPA Coca-Cola Provincial Soccer Championship in Umlazi. Ish had the following to say about his contribution:      “Having grown up in an era where local soccer was about the only youth entertainment in the 70’s, it automatically became my sport of choice. When I visited New Guelderland School, I saw their playing field and the first thought that crossed my mind was to get soccer gear for the team”. Thanks also go to Anusha Heralall and the Department of Sports and Recreation for their role in acquiring the kits.

eLan Marketing employee Michael Nene has been continuing the excellent work done by eLan so far; with his role often taking him to the school itself. He has been charged with developing students through sports. One of his tasks is to raise the profile of sport at New Guelderland, and ensuring general awareness of the link between sports and education. As well as the obvious health benefits, research has shown a positive correlation between sports participation and academic performance. Michael’s role extends to getting the teachers to buy into the project, and ensure they’re willing to add to the good work being done. He has also highlighted chess as a key way of developing young minds – this game can help students think strategically, a good skill to have going forward. Blythedale Coastal Estate has been pinpointed as a destination for a school cross country team, which is a very exciting prospect.

Michael and the rest of his team have been looking at ways to improve the facilities at New Guelderland Combined School. There is much left to do in order to implement the shared vision. For a start, they need a few thick layers of paint. eLan is looking to the general public to assist us in this transformation. If you can think of any ways to help, or have paint to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us. The students of New Guelderland thank you.

You can keep up to date with all the progress on our dedicated New Guelderland Facebook page.

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